A fellow beer blogger finally sets the record straight on what I always said regarding beer getting skunky….

You Got Skunk'd! A lot of people want to know what the deal is with skunky beer. How and why does it happen? Many believe that all beer sold in green or clear bottles will automatically become skunky. Let’s bust some of these myths and learn the truth about that funky skunk in your beer. Let’s get the biggest myth out of the way. Skunky beer has nothing to do with what color the beer bottle is. But yes, certain color bottles are more susceptible to becoming skunk … Read More

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Friday night was the first BBQ of the 2011 BBQ season. I headed out to Long Island to slam a couple of burgers and try some good beer. My choice for the evening was Stone Sublimely Self Righteous. I have been becoming more and more of a fan of the Stone beers, having tried their IPA, Arrogant Bastard, and Double Bastard beers. Stopping by my favorite beer distributor, Skibbos in Throgg’s Neck, I decided to pick up a 22 oz . bottle of the Stone Sublimely Self Righteous. The bottle alone, as usual with Stone’s beer, was awesome. Their mascot seems to be a big gargoyle/devil looking character, straight out of Disney’s Fantasia. Extremely eye catching, but is the beer any good? All signs point to ‘yes.’

The first thing I notice when I pour the beer is the very dark color and thick head. Almost looks like a stout along the lines of Guinness. The comparisons stop there, however. I realize this is no Stout upon smell. I can tell this is going to be a very hoppy beer on first smell, and on first taste I was right. The beer tasted very hoppy but not at all bitter. I admit that my beer tasting skills have not yet been honed to perfection. I can not pick out every little detail and ingredient on tongue alone. I can tell you that it was a delicious and smooth beer. Towards the end I began to taste a little bit of chocolate. Maybe Self-Righteous does share more similarities to a Stout than originally thought. Overall, I loved this beer and will be buying more in the future. I will be on the lookout for this one on tap as well, as I’d imagine, like any other beer on tap, it would be better than in the bottle.

Following the BBQ dinner, a group of us decided to stop by a local restaurant/bar, Major’s Steakhouse in East Meadow. I’ve been here before, both for dinner and just drinks. The bar itself is great. It has a very ‘Cheers’-like atmosphere where, at risk of sounding cliche, everyone knows your name (ok, maybe not MY name. I don’t go that often. However, everyone knew everyone else’s name at the bar). My friends all pretty much wanted to stop in for the Pineapple Vodka. I didn’t try it. Clearly, vodka isn’t my favorite otherwise I would have started a vodka blog. Majors does, however, have a pretty good beer selection. I decided to get the Delirium Tremens, which I noticed was on bottle.

I never had a full Delirium Tremens before. I’ve tasted it, but not enough to gather a full opinion. I decided to try it based on the good reviews I’ve heard. The beer pours light with a golden color and not much head. It smells like it tastes: light and fruity. There is a strong taste of citrus and it is a sweet beer. Overall it is smooth and refreshing. I enjoyed this beer to an extent, but I doubt it would be a ‘go-to’ beer. I prefer beer with a little more hop to it. Delirium Tremens had a strong sweet flavor up-front upon tasting, but not much finishing flavor, which I prefer. I would have it again, but not as my first choice.

Interestingly enough, while Googling ‘Delirium Tremens’, I found that not only is it a beer, but it refers to the delirium experienced in alcoholics due to withdrawal. Great name for a beer? Or is it making light of a disease that many people suffer from? I don’t care, I’m not here for morality. I just thought it was an interesting side-bit.

I didn’t intend to make this a Sublimely Self-Righteous vs. Delirium Tremens post, but in the battle between a dark and hoppy beer vs. a lighter and fruitier beer, the dark and hoppy wins! I found another beer I will make sure I always keep my eye out for when I’m at a bar or wanting to pick up a bottle for a get together.

Beer Snobs Unite!

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Welcome to my blog. I’m a long time reader, first time blogger. For a long while I’ve been wanting to write about one of my favorite hobbies I’ve picked up on in the last few years: Beer. I’m not talking about any beer. I’m specifically talking about good beer. Let me delve into my beer history for my readers….

My first exposure to beer was in my infancy. Allegedly my Uncle would dip my pacifier in beer. While this sounds irresponsible and probably very illegal, I turned out fine (for the most part). However, by giving me early exposure to one of the finest beverages in this world, my Uncle may have began me on a path that led me to the fascination and appreciation I have for beer.

A long while passed before I would touch the stuff again. I’d assume most children drinking beer out of the womb would develop what some people call “a problem.” This was not the case for me. I always saw people drinking beer weather it was at parties or on television. I didn’t have much of a desire to drink any. Even in High School when most of my classmates would be pounding cans of Bud to get drunk, I strayed away from it. If you’re asking why I was so lame, re-read the last sentence…more specifically “cans of Bud.”

Back when I was a teenager, I tried beer. However, what most teenagers were drinking were those of the “Budweiser, Miller, Coors” variety. I never understood the appeal. They tasted like musty old water, rarely would give you a buzz, and if you drank enough to get drunk you would wake up in the morning with a sickness that made it not worth the effort. Granted, as a teenager I didn’t know what getting a buzz felt like, but I knew that drinking those mainstream beers wasn’t fun. It wasn’t until many years later when I would discover what a good beer would taste like.

How did I learn to appreciate a good beer? Honestly, I can’t tell you. Now I don’t mean its some big secret. I honestly do not remember. I can probably attribute a few factors into my appreciation for good beer:

One: Sam Adams. Sam Adams was probably the first “mainstream” beer that I drank that made me realize most beers aren’t glorified fartwater. Sam Adams is a large brewery that actually makes a variety of beer and makes them well. Most bars carry it, even when they don’t carry beers in which I consider “good”.

Two: Beer Bars. My first exposure to a bar that actually served good beer was The Dead Poet in New York City. Their “Guinness Club”  turned me onto Stouts. I also would order a different bottle of the micro-brews that they offer each time I was there (Including one I always look out for: Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale). Another bar I would like to thank would be Sunset Grill in Boston. One look at their massive beer menu made me realize there really were a lot of friggin beers out there. That may have been when I decided I wanted to try most of them.

Lastly, Three: Captain Lawrence Brewery. When I found out there was a (relatively) local brewery, I decided to check them out. After my first time sampling about six different beers and buying a couple of growlers, I can say that Captain Lawrence is my favorite brewery. I haven’t had a beer that I didn’t like. The first time I was there, I made it a point to pay attention and learn about the different distinct styles of beer, not just different brewers. I can probably say that my visits to Captain Lawrence solidified myself as a self-proclaimed Beer Snob.

I have to thank my friend Vicki for the term “moxie.” She claims she has no moxie when it comes to selecting different beers. I would love for this blog to help those who don’t have moxie, get moxie. I also would love to just communicate with other Beer enthusiasts and snobs. I will use this blog to write about different beers and bars I encounter, as well as anything else that may be of interest. I hope you all enjoy and have a tall one for me.