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Beer Revolution?

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Bar Reviews
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I haven’t sat down and had a beer with the intention to “taste” it in awhile now. I promise to get back to reviewing individual beers, but for now I will discuss what seems to be a “beer revolution” coming our way.

There seems to be a growing trend of “beer bars” opening up in areas where there usually aren’t any. I discovered my favorite bar, The Bronx Alehouse, earlier in the year. Not only do they have an excellent and constantly rotating beer menu, they also have some of the best bar food I have ever eaten. I tend to end up there almost weekly and never get sick of, or run out of, anything they have to offer. They also have their “Beer Club” in which I am working my way to becoming a Gold Member. You need to drink 100 different beers and I am up to about 18. I fully intend on getting my name up on their plaque.

Also, in what I am very excited for, is the grand opening of Nicky’s Beer Garden┬áright in my neighborhood of Throgg’s Neck on East Tremont Avenue. An extensive beer list, southern BBQ food, and weekly karaoke. If I were to be polled, those are the only three things I would say I’d like to see in a bar. I will help to make sure Nicky’s is a success and open for many years to come. My neighborhood has needed an iconic place like this for a long time.

Also opening very shortly is Growler’s Beer Bistro in Tuckahoe, NY. Another bar which seems to have an extensive beer menu and excellent food menu. I don’t know much else about this place other than the location, which is in a great little town right across from a train station. Since I’m in Westchester half of my time, I also intend on spending some time here.

All in all, these three bars are in areas not exactly known for having a highbrow beer culture. Most bars I see offer Sam Adams as their “premium” beer. Nothing against Sam Adams (I love their beer) but its about time more and more people are recognizing that there is so much more to drinking beer than just getting hammered off of a bunch of bland Macrobrews like Bud and Coors. I hope that we really are seeing a beer revolution in the works.