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I absolutely love Dogfish Head’s 60 and 90 minute IPAs. IPAs, or India Pale Ales, are one of the first beer styles that got me into my beer snobbery. A well made IPA offers a great hoppy flavor, similar to a literal kick to your taste buds. Dogfish does the IPA style almost perfectly and when I heard that there was a 120 Minute IPA, which means it had hops continuously added for two hours, I needed to try it. The only obstacle blocking my path? Dogfish Head does not brew it frequently. For over a year I would check their website wondering when they were going to begin brewing and selling this coveted drink for a beer snob like myself.

Last month I finally received a lead from the brewmasters themselves that 120 Minute was being brewed and shipped within the month in small shipments. I was now on a quest to find this precious beer. Last week I scoped out the three places I usually go for all my beer snobbery needs: Skibbos in the Bronx, DiCiccos in Pelham, and Fairway in Pelham. I thought that at least one of these places would have it. I was wrong. I thought that perhaps since the beer was being shipped in limited quantities, my favorite beer spots might just not have been able to order them on time. I almost lost all hope.

Yesterday I made a stop at Skibbos to buy some Hell or High Watermelon. As I’m paying for the beer I just had a hunch to turn around and, lo and behold, the 120 Minute IPA was right there with the rest of the Dogfish Head beer. I quickly snatched it up and took a picture of it to brag, to those who know what it actually is, on facebook.

At 20% APV, I decided to split the beer when trying it. Thankfully I did. The beer was mighty potent, but delicious. Upon pouring, the beer was a very dark amber with minimal, almost non-existent, head. The smell was like any other IPA, only multiplied by 100. The hop aroma hit my nostrils and told me I was going to have a powerful drink. The taste was heavy in the hoppiness up front with many hints of coffee and chocolate in the finish. The mouthfeel was rather thick, almost like a thin syrup.

There’s a reason why the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA was referred to as the “Holy Grail for Hopheads”. Not only was it hard to find, but once found it was the almost perfect beer experience. This beer shouldn’t be for the faint at tongue, nor should it be used for any heavy drinking. Enjoy this beer slowly, paired with some food. Even drinking only half I felt satisfied. I’m already looking forward to finding another bottle in the (hopefully) near future.